$34 Million in Colorado Marijuana Lowers Crime, Gives Schools a Boost

Colorado Marijuana Sales EXPLODE!

Even after marijuana in Colorado has been voted fully legal in 2012, the state has faced the serious issue of how to handle all of that revenue. Colorado marijuana sales, with a moderately high pot tax—if you would, uh, pardon the pun—have not been without their controversy.

Colorado marijuana

Colorado wants YOU to put your marijuana sales tax to good use.

In addition to the popular ballot measure Proposition 64, voters also passed Colorado marijuana laws around the tax to be collected on legal weed. They specified a 15 percent excise marijuana sales tax that would go to schools; a 10 percent sales tax would be for lawmakers’ expenditure.

The issue, however, arises from something called the Tax Payers’ Bill of Rights, another amendment that was approved by voters back in 1992. Stipulated within the bill, a formula based on inflation rate and population growth can trigger a tax refund.

Colorado marijuana revenue is already significantly higher than expected, which is cause for lawmaker concern; will they actually have to issue a refund to taxpayers? In August 2014 alone, CO generated $34 million in pot sales (remember, that’s $3.4 million for schools).

And between January and October 2014, Colorado brought in $60.1 million in taxes—with initial estimates that were at “just $30 million.”

Although, some residents believe Colorado marijuana prices to be too high already, and wouldn’t mind the extra dough, even if the additional tax raised by residents’ legal marijuana sales (as well as licenses, growing, and purchases by visitors to pot shops and stores) are contributing toward some worthy causes.

So far, marijuana in Colorado has funded serious public works, state programs, and done wonders for social good and public safety: construction of public schools, links to decrease in crime, and cleanup measures for the streets of Denver are just a few.

Marijuana dispensaries in Colorado also offer an alternative to more dangerous and destructive substances, such as alcohol. Pot is known to be physiologically less harmful and far less sociologically detrimental than booze.

So, if this is in fact true—as has been proven in clinical and peer-reviewed scientific journals—then why was recreational and even medical marijuana made illegal in the first place? Watch Joe Rogan’s provocative and insightful explanation.

This type of well structured argument is a kind of pot optimism—that is, potimism—which is a trend in legalized marijuana, period. Not just Colorado marijuana. Not just the California strains. And it’s beginning to sweep across the whole United States.

It is a trend that extends not only through the states where recreational marijuana has become legal (CO, WA, AK, and OR), but as a part of the mainstream, popular culture and media, and the American consciousness.

With solid evidence, transparency and the right mouthpiece, the trend is likely to continue, and translate to no small momentum for the marijuana movement.

Take this, for example:

Between January and April of last year, violent crime and property crime were already down in Denver by more than 10 percent compared to the same statistical measures taken the previous year, in 2013.








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