How Long Does Marijuana Stay In Your Urine?


Going in for a urine test? How Long Does Marijuana Stay In Your Urine after usage?

How Long Does Marijuana Stay In Your Urine women in lab testing with microsope

Urine tests are considered as the most common and inexpensive way to test for traces of marijuana or cannabinoids. Blood tests are also used, but since THC is immediately metabolized by the liver, the blood is purified within a short span of time. Blood tests are more commonly used to determine when a driver is suspected to be under the influence of marijuana while driving. Therefore, urine tests have become a norm for testing individuals for cannabis use. The way urine tests work is by measuring the levels of THC metabolites in the urine. Metabolites are the compound made as a result of THC breaking down when it is metabolized. The body is known to retain the metabolites in the fatty cells, hence, lasting for a longer period of time and therefore posing a greater risk to users for being positively tested for it.

Understanding THC and How it Works.

Before we can answer the frequently asked question “ how long does marijuana stay in your urine ”, we need to understand how the body treats the cannabinoids we put in our body. When we finish smoking, the THC blood concentration rapidly decreases, as it gets distributed and absorbed into the tissues and metabolized by the liver. Metabolites are the byproduct of THC being metabolized and unlike THC, it is retained by the body for a longer period.

According to various studies, almost all organs, including the brain, lungs, heart, and the intestine also contribute to the process of metabolism. 80 to 90 percent of the THC is eliminated within 5 days of a smoking episode through defecation and urination. More than 65% of metabolites are excreted through defecation while the remaining is eliminated through the urine, making urine tests an optimum choice for determining marijuana users.

THC in Urine

Although THC is present in a user’s urine, it is not in its active form but rather as a metabolite called THC-COOH. Testing urine samples have shown to vary greatly from individual to individual, even in the case of controlled laboratory settings.

So for the question of how long does THC stays in your system, traces of THC is believed to last two to three days for new or occasional users. However, studies have indicated that regular users can test positive for up to 46 days following the herb’s use. Interestingly, a heavy marijuana user, who indulged in the herb for over 10 years, tested positive even after 67 days without smoking.

How to get Weed out of Your System naturally?

One of the simplest ways to flush THC out of your system is to substantially increase your fluid intake, but do not force yourself to drink excess water as it can cause water intoxication. While there is no scientific evidence that increased water intake helps expedite the process, the excess water does dilute metabolite count in the system.

Since THC is mostly stored in fatty cells, burning that fat through cardio based exercises such as jogging, biking or aerobics would help the body’s process of releasing the stored THC-COOH, this would also get you to drink more fluids.



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