Legalizing Weed and Medical Marijuana New York State

Medical Marijuana New York State

The mmj battle continues, as New York medical marijuana is made available for those patients who are seriously ill, under their doctor’s ongoing care, and in need of an effective treatment. Patients must meet qualifying conditions, receive doctor approval, and attain a registry identification card in order to have legal protection.

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Though the Compassionate Care Act marks serious progress for patients who reside in NY as well as New York State , medical marijuana advocates and other proponents of weed legalization and medical cannabis still say the Act has significant shortcomings and New York marijuana has still a bumpy road ahead.

As it exists, the Compassionate Care Act falls short by not covering certain serious medical conditions. Some of the current qualifying conditions for use of medical marijuana in New York are cancer, HIV/AIDS, ALS, Parkinson’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis, and epilepsy. Within 18 months of the law having gone into effect, other conditions—such as Alzheimer’s disease, muscular dystrophy, dystonia, rheumatoid arthritis and PTSD—may be included under the Act and offer medical cannabis patients legal protections.

The Compassionate Care Act does not allow approved patients to smoke medical cannabis and also limits the number of producers to 5 manufacturers and 20 locations—statewide.

Where is marijuana legal?

When looking for the U.S. States in which residents have rallied and voted to legalize weed, it is easy to divide Sates by medicinal marijuana and recreational marijuana laws.

In the U.S. there are 23 States as well as the District of Columbia that, by legalizing weed in some form, have made medical cannabis available to residents.

Currently, there are four states plus Washington, D.C. with laws which fully legalize weed: as in not just medicinal marijuana, but recreational marijuana as well; they are Colorado, Alaska, Oregon, and Washington. Though medical marijuana laws remain in effect in Oregon through July 1st 2015, after this date cannabis use and cultivation of up to 4 marijuana plants will be legal throughout the State.

Similar ballot initiatives for legalizing marijuana continue across the United States with various types and levels of legislation. Efforts include marijuana decriminalization, medical cannabis laws, and full (recreational) weed legalization.

Marijuana decriminalization laws vary by state, but many of them turn marijuana possession below a certain quantity into a misdemeanour offense rather than a felony, with lighter or no jail time sentences and an escalation of fines dependent upon the number and frequency of violations.

State updates: medical marijuana Florida

From legislative sessions in Tallahassee, FL, medical marijuana Florida could enter the nationwide debate in March 2015. The prospect of legalizing marijuana in the form of medical cannabis would be hard to ignore—as of last November, an entire 58 percent of Florida’s voters were in support of a constitutional amendment for medical marijuana.

60 percent voter approval would be required in order to pass any constitutional amendment.



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