medical marijuana 101

The Quick Basics: Medical Marijuana 101

Medical Marijuana has been used as medicine worldwide for more than 5000 years. Marijuana was most popular around the end of the nineteenth century whereas most used it to treat a number of symptoms. After the introduction of synthetic medication and vaccines, marijuana’s popularly tapered off. In addition, in 1971 Great Britain passed the Drug Misuse Act making it formally illegal and banned the use of marijuana. This prohibition on the plant prevented scientist to conduct research into its properties and medical benefits.

Due to its prohibition a limited amount of research was done, so far marijuana was found to have 4 main properties; it’s found to relieve pain, relieve nausea, relieve vomiting and induces hunger. Some people have used medical marijuana to treat a number of medical conditions whereas the results are not based on scientific research. Many have found success to either treat or sustain them through the pain.
Medical Marijuana has a number of applications for medical treatments and we should not limit its research to one or a few particular diseases. Most current research is focused around cancer, HIV / Aids, and Multiple Sclerosis but we must understand that its uses have seen success with glaucoma, ADD, Depression, Lyme’s Disease and many others. The latest research has shown that cannabis has anti-oxidative and neuro-protectional properties. We are yet to discover the great potential of this plant. Many have taken matters in their own hand and chose to treat themselves with cannabis despite the possible legal consequences.

The good news is that in Canada since July 2001 medical marijuana is legal for medical purposes when prescribed by a doctor. The restrictions to get a medical marijuana card are heavy but most who suffer from a condition that is approved by Health Canada have their access granted. Once granted, the patient can acquire dried marijuana directly from a licensed producer which has been approved by Health Canada.

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