The Edible Experience: Medical Marijuana Recipes

Although Medicinal Cannabis is only legal in dried form in Canada,  the US has a more liberal stance in this matter. Patients can intake their daily prescribed amount in the form of marijuana edibles like brownies, pizza or tea. For some, it is a great alternative to smoking or vaporizing marihuana.

The effects of edible pot foods take longer to start (usually within one hour) , but last longer as well (could be four to six hours or more). Remember that our metabolisms are different, and our weight and physical condition will be a factor on how we react to our favourite medical marijuana snack or meal. Especially when you start making your first recipes, make sure to always commence with smaller quantities of medical marijuana, adding to the dose if and when needed.

It is not recommended to combine medical marijuana foods with alcohol unless you have “mastered” both substances. Take precaution to mark your marijuana brownies or other such snacks, lock them in a cabinet/special box. Keep them away from children. Wait until your are at home, calm and relaxed before eating them. Avoid driving, doing extreme sports or operating heavy machinery under the effects. Never prank anyone with your cannabis recipe, as it can potentially be dangerous to those being pranked and such acts could be criminal.

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