Medical Marijuana Stocks On The Up

High Outlook For Pot Stocks: Medical Marijuana Stocks On The Up

Some pot stocks are trading in pennies at the moment, but they are definitely part of one market that marijuana entrepreneurs and any investor will want to be watching closely in 2015.


Cannabis stocks and medical marijuana stocks experienced serious gains in 2014. Toward the end of the last fiscal year, marijuana stocks were up nearly 150 percent—which topped many times gains of the S&P500—despite cannabis stocks being firmly grounded in an industry that isn’t strictly speaking legal—at least in the United States, where federal law runs counter to new state-level legislation in AK, CO, OR, WA and even Washington D.C., and for the moment mandates cannabis as a Schedule I drug.

In Canada there’s also a discrepancy. Medicinal cannabis is not even officially approved of or endorsed by the federal government, but has an equally quasi-legal status, ever since Canadian courts have required “reasonable access” to dried cannabis for medicinal purposes.

Popular weed stocks cover a range of sub-industries—software, securities, real estate, consulting, hemp product derivatives—and, of course, cannabis itself.

Despite companies that display an enticingly low medical marijuana stock price, and an industry that seems to be filling up with believers in a bullish market for marijuana stock, investors need to practice care. Not all pot businesses are professionally managed, or operating under board oversight, or entirely compliant with financial regulation.

Taking a look at mjna stock and company profile

Medical Marijuana Inc. (OTC: MJNA) is a publicly held company, its mission to be the “premier cannabis and hemp innovators.” MJNA maintains a focus especially on hemp oil products with high concentrations of CBD—cannabidiol, one of the major cannabinoids (active ingredients) present in marijuana. According to their company website, MJNA boasts of “over 85 proprietary and patent pending “delivery methods”, that are also more accepted in social and medical circles.

Prices in cannabis stocks vary quite a bit, in both directions. Most of those stocks are characterized as micro-cap stocks. For example, as of March 2014, MJNA stock was at a price of $0.34 USD. Currently, as of March 9 2015, MJNA stock price is $0.11 USD.

Company profile and view of hemp inc. stock

Hemp Inc. (ticker HEMP) is a producer and provider of industrial-grade hemp products, incorporated as early as 2008 under a different name (Preachers Coffee). Later, it secured its place as a marijuana stock in a burgeoning industry by making the name change to Marijuana Inc., and eventually, in June 2012, adopted the name Hemp, Inc. and HEMP for its ticker symbol.

Hemp Inc. stock operates with four subsidiary companies: Marijuana Inc.,, Marijuana Inc. TV, and Herbagenix.

The company is keen to educate the public on “myriad uses” for hemp, distinct from the obvious and prevalent uses of cannabis—therapeutic benefits or to “get high”. Some example but not exhaustive product derivatives and uses for hemp are: hemp fibers for making twine, cloth, rope or jewelry; hemp seeds as dietary supplements and a quality source of plant-based protein; and hemp-based cosmetics.

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