Medical Uses

medical uses marijuana

Medical (or medicinal) marijuana (or cannabis) refers to the use of marijuana to alleviate symptoms from disease or to treat them outright . The two most beneficial and effective active constituents of marijuana are commonly known as THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol). Its history and use dates back thousands of years but has been more controversial in the 20th and 21st century. In Canada, medical marijuana is legal since 2001.

In Canada, a physician can prescribe a patient medical marijuana from one of the 15 Canadian licensed producers. According to Health Canada, about 40 000 Canadians are officially registered as medical marijuana users. This number is expected to be multiplied by ten in the coming decade. Most private health insurance plans do not cover medical marijuana costs. Neither does the Canadian medicare system, with one exception being Veterans Affairs in some cases. Patients can claim those costs as a health deduction from personal income tax. Typically, prices range from 6$ to 12$ per gram, depending on the strain and producer.

Medical marijuana can be taken in different ways, mainly by smoking a joint, a pipe or through a water bong. A healthier way of in-taking medicinal marihuana is through a vaporizer. Instead of burning the herb, it heats it in a partial vacuum so the active constituents of cannabis boil off into a vapor without releasing the harmful ingredients. Some patients prefer making recipes with medical marijuana, giving them a different type of relief (usually comes in slower and stays longer).

Medical Uses: Some of the conditions that medical cannabis has been known to treat are listed below, Select and Click to Read more about each medical condition.

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