More United Medical Marijuana States

Medical Marijuana States

The legalization of marijuana is at a critical juncture, shifting from what started out as assertive mmj reform, and then gained U.S. national attention, in 2012, with Colorado’s Amendment 64—the State ballot initiative to fully legalize marijuana.

Medical Marijuana states Alaska Oregon Washington DC Legalize Marijuana for Recreational Use person smoking weed

Now, legalization of cannabis is becoming a trend. Alaska, Colorado, Washington State, Oregon and the District of Columbia have all adopted significant reform effecting the legalization of marijuana.

Meanwhile, other States across the country have also enabled patient access to viable and, in many cases, crucial medical cannabis for quality of life (medicinal and legal marijuana States).

Legalization of medical marijuana inter-state transport

Medical marijuana legal States may also gain historic cannabis freedoms, if a new bill proposed by three U.S. senators were to gain traction and pass. According to sources familiar with the bill (see the Washington Post article below), the proposed legislation would reclassify marijuana from a Schedule I to a Schedule II drug, in so acknowledging lesser addiction potential compared to drugs like heroin, as well as marajuana’s accepted medical uses.

The bill would also make it easier to transport medical cannabis and cannabis-derivatives between States, a huge windfall for patients with conditions known to be treatable by medical marijuana but unable to seek treatment due to their geographic location. Banks will also have greater flexibility as service providers for businesses operating in the marijuana industry.

The bill is set to be unveiled very shortly.

List of States with medical marijuana (see map below)

How many States have medical marijuana? There are 23 states with medical marijuana laws to date—and more with marijuana decriminalization statutes.

Medical marijuana States map

The organization NORML (National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws) offers one medical marijuana States map. Wikipedia also offers a convenient and frequently updated medical marijuana States map, with expanded detail and a colour-coded legend for States that have either decided to fully legalize weed, introduce some combination of medical marijuana and marijuana decriminalization laws, or enforce total cannabis prohibition.

2015 medical marijuana states map legal

Medical marijuana Washington State

Ongoing progress for the cause to legalize marijuana is evident in the court’s treatment and stance taken in cases where charges have been brought against growers and legitimate users of medical marijuana.

Last week in Washington, for example, a full family of patients prescribed medical marijuana was acquitted of four out of five federal drug charges brought against them.



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