New Research Says Cannabis Cures Cancer, Has Feds Change Position

Cannabis cures cancer, does it?

Purported claims that cannabis cures cancer and other health benefits have been debated for decades. But new research has even the U.S. government getting behind pot’s potential.

For a long time marijuana was widely acknowledged by cancer patients, researchers, and medical professionals as a highly effective, natural antiemetic—a treatment for nausea—and appetite stimulant for patients receiving chemotherapy.

However, the latest scientific investigations into cannabis highlights promising medical and economic benefits.

cannabis cures cancers

Cannabis oil for cancer could be a promising next step for pot farmers and weed dispensaries, as well as new cannabis tech developers, while the burgeoning legal cannabis industry and doctors that prescribe medicinal marijuana seek to provide patients with real benefits, even before FDA endorsement of cannabis cancer prophylactics (Ah, though hopefully someday soon…)

The fact is that cannabis and cancer treatment regimens don’t need to be official to be beneficial, as long as the trend for states’ ballot initiatives and amendments for medicinal and recreational cannabis continues.

Weed vaporizers, edibles, and cannabis oil cancer patients can use without exposing themselves to undue amounts of carcinogens (i.e. smoking, resulting in burning and actual combustion of plant material) offers them a viable and healthy treatment option.

It could churn up new markets and spurn entire sub-industries into existence, even boost the global economy.

For example, according to Crunch Network, Israel could be poised to become a leading global exporter of medicinal cannabis. With over 22,000 registered patients, prime Mediterranean climate and agricultural expertise, the Israeli government and legislation is moving toward decriminalization.

These kind of pro-cannabis moves and environment—that do not block patient benefits, citizens’ rights and cannabis research—are enough for Israeli start-ups to begin development on products as they relate to cannabis.

Recently, even the United States federal government is coming around—federal health researchers have recently published findings that back claims of cannabinoids THC and CBD, the active chemicals in marijuana, as a way to destroy cancer cells.

Support comes from the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) and its director, Nora D. Volkow, in addition to statements earlier in the year from the Surgeon General, Vivek Murthy, who acknowledged that marijuana could be helpful to certain medical conditions.

The research was conducted at St. George’s University of London. The study itself—that ostensibly encouraged the not-quite about-face by the feds—was published last year, in the journal of medicine Molecular Cancer Therapies.

Researcher Dr. Wai Liu told The Washington Post that there may be a way of breaking more tumors…saving more lives.

This treatment method [cannabinoid use] could be paired with radiation therapy, improving the overall prognosis for many patients.

Mainstream acceptance (not to mention viable pharmaceuticals) that cannabis oil cures cancer may still be some time off, but the health benefits are real. Epileptic seizures, fibromyalgia, arthritis, Crohn’s disease, and other chronic illness and diseases are all treatable with cannabis oil.

Check out this video to see the existing, compelling evidence for cannabis’ cancer-curing properties:




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