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Medical Marijuana PESTO

Medical Marijuana PESTO

  • Time in Kitchen: 40 min.
  • Number of servings: 250 ml
  • Difficulty level: Medium


• three garlic cloves
• two cups of fresh basil
• three table spoons of pine nuts
• one quarter cup of grated parmesan cheese
• half an ounce of medical marihuana
• half a cup of virgin olive oil


• add marihuana to olive oil and gently heat for ten minutes
• let the mixture cool down for twenty minutes
• blend basil leaves until well chopped, half a cup at a time
• add one table spoon of pine nuts and one garlic clove, blend
• add one third of the Parmesan
• blend while slowly adding one third of the olive oil
• this will give you a thick smooth paste, the pesto
• repeat same process with rest of ingredients and mix all three batches
• serve over baguette or your favourite pasta for example
• excellent for one week if kept in a glass container in the fridge

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